A quick flick with Scarlett and Crimson

Scarlett and Crimson thick black eyeliner
Scarlett and Crimson ‘Punk Your Eyes’ eyeliner

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to day-to-day makeup, you need something quick, easy and low maintenance.    
Rushing out of the door in the morning to get to work, if I’ve got ten minutes to put some sort of face on, it’s a bonus.      
This is why Scarlett and Crimson’s new ‘Punk Your Eyes’ eyeliner suits me well.  Scarlett and Crimson is an offshoot of Ruby and Millie’s cosmetics, aimed at a teenage audience. 
Admittedly, I don’t fall into that category, yet the convenience of the eyeliner has made it a staple in my casual day makeup.  Why?  It’s chunky, marker pen style means I can glide the deep black colour across my eyes in one quick stroke.  Though on the other hand, the chunky marker pen style means that it’s one to keep away from small children.    
In the past, I’ve used Rimmel’s liquid eyeliner, which not only made my eyes water, but it also smudged away with a gust of wind.  And while I like Maybelline’s Gel Eyeliner, it takes a little more time and precision to apply, which I don’t often have in the morning. 
The downside to Scarlett and Crimson eyeliner pen?  By the end of the day, my quickly applied flick had just slightly worn at the corner.  Though only slightly.  That’s why, when I’m not rushing and I want to spend more time on my makeup, I’ll opt for Maybelline’s Eye Studio Gel eyeliner, just for it’s staying power.           
I’ve been using the Scarlett and Crimson eyeliner for a few weeks now, and it’s showing no signs of running out yet.  Though I’ve heard that pens don’t tend to last as long as traditional eyeliners or pencils.
And, true to the range, my teenage sister loves it.  
Scarlett and Crimson ‘Punk Your Eyes’ eyeliner is currently available at Superdrug at a reduced price of £2.49.      


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