DIY at-home pedicure

Baby oil, a heel pummice and St Ives scrub for a pedicure
The tools for a professional pedicure, without the price tag 
While this blog reviews the
beauty brands and services that are out there, wherever I can save you a few
pennies, I will. 
So far, I’ve shared with you
some homemade face masks as well as a DIY blusher, so now’s the time to pamper
your feet for (almost) free!
The timing for this post is
totally appropriate, as the weather is baking hot and hiding our feet in courts
just won’t do.  For those who are nervous
about feet that have been buried in socks for months, you don’t need to book
yourself into an expensive spa for a pedicure – do it yourself!   
This homemade pedicure is
super simple, plus it requires little skill or technique, so you can do it
while you’re watching TV.    
I learnt this a while back
after witnessing a friend’s pedicure, and the result – sorry in advance for being
gross – was crusty and cracked feet transformed into glowing specimens (friends
identity will not be disclosed for fear of losing friend)!  
I was going to post some
pictures to go with this step-by-step guide, but I figured that close-up shots
of un-preened feet may be a bit much for some readers, but this DIY pedicure is
so simple, that illustration really isn’t required!
The tools I’ve used for this
One bucket
One towel
Cleanser or shower gel (just
the one you use for your face or body will do)
Superdrug foot file (£2.09)
Superdrug nail scissors (£2.79)
St Ives facial scrub (£4.99) 
Johnson’s Baby Oil
Step 1
boil some water in a kettle, and pour into a bucket.  Mix in a little cold water until you’re left
with a hot, but tolerable, temperature. 
I don’t want anyone scolding themselves, but lukewarm water just won’t
cut the mustard.
Step 2
squirt some of your cleaner into the water. 
If you don’t use cleanser (or don’t want to use an expensive product on
your feet) shower gel will do the trick.
Step 3
Immerse feet in bucket of hot water and leave to soak for a few minutes.  I would recommend wrapping the towel around
your legs and over the bucket to retain the heat.
Step 4
Take one foot out and begin massaging, this will (sorry to be crude) encourage
any dry or dead skin to come away.  
Step 5
Apply exfoliator to the foot and begin rubbing in. I’ve used St. Ives, but you
can use any brand and doesn’t matter if it’s for the face or body.  As long as it’s got rough grains, that’ll
Step 6
Immerse exfoliated foot back in the water and then repeat steps 1 to 5 with the
other foot. 
Step 7
Take one cleansed and exfoliated foot out and begin massaging and rubbing the
skin again, focus on dry areas such as the heel.  Then clip the nails with the scissors.  Immerse foot back in the water and repeat
this step with the other foot. 
Step 8
Take both feet out and dry with a towel.  Apply a generous amount of oil, or any other
nourishing cream to your feet.
Smooth summer-ready feet –



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