Gosh Long Lasting Lip Markers review

Gosh's Long Lasting Lip Markers in pink and brown
Gosh’s Long Lasting Lip Markers  
I’ve recently tried two of
Gosh’s Long Lasting Lip Markers, in pink and chocolate. 
I’d heard about lip markers for a while and was intrigued by their promise
of staying power.             
This claim was a real selling
point for me, as I’m a real git for eating or drinking away any lip colour I
Gosh lip markers in pink and brown
I know this is stating the
obvious, but the Markers themselves look exactly like real marker pens (so keep
away from children!).  Clad in the usual
black Gosh branding, the Markers are sleek and slim enough to slip into the
smallest of clutches.     
However, Gosh’s Long
Lasting Lip Markers slightly missed the mark for me, mainly because of the strange
drying effect they had on my lips.  Don’t
get me wrong, my lips didn’t go flaky or chapped after use, but they did look
and feel pretty parched.       
I think that the whole
concept of a marker is that is uses little moisture, as this would simply rub
off, as lipsticks so often do.  Anyway, I
wasn’t happy with the ‘I’m so thirsty look’, so I applied a slick of lip gloss
over the top.     
Also, the shades weren’t
really for me.  The chocolate colour, as
you’d expect, was particularly dark and thinning.  I have full lips so could kind of get away
with it, but it’s a shade to avoid if you’ve got thin lips.
Pink and brown Gosh lip markers swatched
Gosh Long Lasting Lip Marker swatched  
The pink was slightly more
flattering, but overall I think it was too light to do me any huge
favours.  This is another point of the
Gosh Long Lasting Lip Markers, the colours come on pretty sheer.  This is great if you want a subtle look or
have pale lips, but it’s perhaps not the best option if you’ve got darker lips
and want more definition.     
On the plus side, Gosh’s
Long Lasting Lip Markers do live up to their name.  I wore the chocolate shade one evening when I
was out for dinner.  It survived a buffet
which featured raitha (cucumber yoghurt), curry and ice cream, so I must give
the marker credit where it’s due.
So I’m not totally
pooh-poohing the Gosh Long Lasting Lip Markers – they have staying power, and
the Pink shade probably looks great on pale skin, but I’d team with lip gloss
for the perfect finish.      
Gosh’s Long Lasting Lip Markers are available at
Superdrug and cost £6.99.               

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