How to make your own rose water toner

A garden rose - the basis of rose water toner
I’ve long been an advocate
of natural skincare and always scoured the internet to look for beauty products
which can be made from ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.   
One thing I was keen to try
and make was my own rose water.  I’ve
used rose water before as a toner – but it’s been the kind that you get from
the food section of a supermarket, and I do question how much ‘rose’ actually
goes into it.  Especially as they list
the key ingredient as ‘rose essence.’ 
You can also buy rose water
toner, but like the former, the bulk of it is made with anything but real
So I decided to produce my
own, and t just so happened that I have a beautiful climbing rose bush in my
garden, which was waiting to be made better use of.  So I took off a few stems, and followed the
recipe below:
Pile a cup full of rose
petals – the rose petals work best when dried. 
I dried mine by keeping in a brown paper bag on top of my cupboard for a
few days.  If you’re using fresh rose petals
that haven’t been dried, you’ll need more, as you compress them down into the
A bowl of dried roses for making rose water
Dried roses
Then, pour boiling water
into the cup until the petals are immersed. 
Cover, then leave for 30 minutes before straining the rose water into
another container.  Then put the water in
the fridge to cool and there you have it – you’re very own rose water toner! 
Boiling water with roses to make rose water toner
Rose water  
One thing I’ve noted with
this rose water toner is that it is deep red in colour, while shop-bought rose
water is clear.  This adds to my theory
about shop bought toner not being the real deal.  But be warned, the colours stains – it’s
stained my sink, cupboard and anywhere else it’s made contact, but this can be
wiped away.  For the record, the staining
has had no effect on my skin.    
If you don’t have any roses
in your garden, you can still make your own rose water toner by using bought
roses – even from a bouquet but be sure to wash them thoroughly as they’ll
contain pesticides.
I’ve been applying my rose
water for about a week now, and I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin’s
texture and tone.  Best of all, I know
I’m not using anything harsh on my skin –such as alcohol, which forms part of
most toners.  It’s all natural so you
know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.       
I’ll be using this rose water
toner as part of a pared down beauty regime, and of course, keep you in the
loop as to how I get on.            


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