Review: Post-holiday hair repair with Neal and Wolf

Neal and Wolf haircare
Neal and Wolf
As a beauty blogger, I am offered all sorts of weird and
wonderful things to try.  Sometimes I get
to sample products I wouldn’t dream of purchasing.  On occasions, I’m pleasantly surprised.  Other times i’m reminded why I wouldn’t buy these products!       
But every so often, someone reads my mind and sends me
just the thing I’m in most need of. 
This was the case when Neal and Wolf invited me to try
some post-holiday repair hair treatments. 
It was music to my ears.      
My hair was dry and dull after being weather-beaten by
the dry heat of Dubai and the humidity of KL and Singapore.     
I didn’t have time to apply my ‘hair SOS’ – coconut hair
oil.  So Neal and Wolf’s hair remedies collection
was a welcome review.     
I tried the Harmony intensive Care Treatment and the Glow
Super Shine Spray. 
The first thing about the Neal and Wolf range is that it
smells absolutely divine, it’s practically fragrant!  This is no surprise considering that the
brand worked with a perfume house to develop the musky scent.    
The scent nicely lingers on the hair long after rinsing
Now, I’ve not given the Harmony Intensive Care Treatment a
fair go.  It should be applied to the
hair after shampooing and left on for five minutes.  But being my usual time-poor self, I use it
like a normal conditioner, which stays on for about two.  I promise I’ll devote more time to it very
soon though.    
However, despite my half-baked application, my hair is still
reporting positive feedback and while it’s not mirror glass shine, it’s definitely
looking a lot healthier than before.         
I tried the Glow Super Shine Spray too, and you can see
the before and after results below:
Long black hair sprayed with Neal and Wolf Glow Super Shine Spray
Neal and Wolf Glow
Super Shine Spray before…
Neal and Wolf Glow Super Shine Spray transforms dull brittle hair to shiny locks
…And after
What do you think? 
I noticed a subtle shine, and while I won’t use it every time I was my
hair, I’ll definitely be pulling it out on special occasions, or any time I
fancy a quick burst of shine to brighten a dull day.         

The Harmony Intensive Care Treatment costs £12.95, while the Glow Super Shine Spray
costs £11.95.          
For more information, visit               

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