Hello Glow Whitening Face Polish Review

Hello Glow's whitening face polish skin cleanser

There are a whole bunch of products out there which claim to
brighten and lighten our complexions.  In
fact there is a billion pound industry built on the perception that fair is
While many condone this, the truth is that most people
strive for a brighter complexion.  For
example, for my wedding makeup, I was offered an option of skintones, I could
be white, natural, or bronze.  I shrugged
these options off in favour of my own complexion, only brighter with a hint of
golden (I was an Asian bride, after all).   
Anyway, my point is, that while ‘whitening products’ are the
reserve of Asians, brightening products are universal, Caucasian women also
wish to have an even, illuminated skintone.
One such product which promises the former but delivers the
latter is Hello Glow’s Whitening Face Polish, which I recently trialled. 

When you think of a whitening product, you think of Fair and
Lovely, or those dodgy creams you see in the Asian grocers.  I wouldn’t touch any of these with a barge
pole.  However, what caught my interest
with Hello Glow was that it used only 100% natural ingredients, namely:

Milk Powder
The all-natural list gave me the confidence that I wasn’t
bleaching my face within an inch of its life. 
Plus being an advocate of homemade beauty, it was the kind of thing I’d
usually put on my skin.     
Hello Glow comes in a very cute little package and pays
homage to its all natural, homemade-esque feel. 
The packaging is akin to Lush’s products, basic branding that looks like
some mummy-entrepreneur could have made it themselves.         
The polish itself looks like washing powder, feels like
washing powder and smells a bit of coconut. 
Its small grains smooth on nicely, and after massaging a small amount
onto the face for 30 seconds, as advised, you’re left with a smooth canvass and
dry skin has been polished away.  Not
that I’ve ever done this, but I imagine Hello Glow has a similar effect as microdermabrasion,
as the grains of Hello Glow are so fine. 
One word of caution regarding Hello Glow would be not to
exceed the recommended 30 seconds on the skin. 
One night, I thought I’d leave the product on my skin while I brushed my
teeth for two minutes.  But my skin felt
tight and hot, as though it was stinging. 
Once I rinsed away, my skin was fine, if not a little red.  So don’t be a dumb-ass like me and follow the
instructions!  On that note, I would
perhaps say that it might be harsh for very sensitive skintones, and the
natural powders do deliver a tough sloughing action. 
After trying it day and night for a few days, I did find
that my skin felt smoother and looked brighter. 
I don’t think it whitened the skin per se, but I think instead it had a
better offering.  I looked like me, only
brighter.  For me, this is a much more
appealing prospect.        
Hello Glow’s Whitening Facial Polish costs £10, which I think
is good value for money.  I once got
tricked into buying one of Murad’s brightening cleansers, which did bugger all
and cost £30.  In my mind, this delivers
a better result at a lower cost.   
Hello Glow’s Whitening Facial Polish is available at www.roselinkuk.com.         



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