David Hill face cream review – skincare gifts for men

A tub of David Hill Extra Rich Treatment Cream
David Hill Extra Rich
Treatment Cream
I’ve let a boy take over my blog!  Well only temporarily anyway.  While getting married has kind of halted my writing
(I’m lucky to post one article a fortnight), I’ve also figured that there’s no
reason why this new dimension to my life can’t enhance Desi Girl’s Blog.     
So, introducing Desi Boys (no, not the movie, that’s Desi
Boyz).  A section for reviews of male
grooming products, as trialled by my hubby – See guinea pig below.  (I may rope in other male relatives, too).    
Our desi boy at the Olympic stadium
The first review is David Hill’s Extra Rich Treatment
Cream.  David Hill is a skincare range
just for men, and its cream claims to repair daytime damage and prevent the
onset of lines.  I honestly didn’t know
they did something like this for men, I figured they just raid our anti-ageing
products.  Key ingredients, as labelled,
are sesame, wheatgerm, witch hazel and comfrey. 
Anyway, our Desi boys thoughts were as follows:          
“The cream is really
thick.  I only need to use a tiny amount
in the morning and night.  It makes my
skin a lot softer, and I even found that my hands felt smoother from
applying!  I has helped get rid of dry
skin I sometimes get after shaving and around my forehead, which is a huge
plus.  The downside – it doesn’t smell
too great, it’s like medicine.  Overall
though, I would recommend this cream, especially in the winter.”
And just to add my two pennies worth – I’ve used David
Hill’s Cream once or twice, and I can vouch for its softness.  So I think it’s one for the girls as well as
the boys.      
David Hill’s Extra Rich Treatment Cream costs £7.00 for a 50ml jar and is
available at www.beautynaturals.com.                

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