Skincare gifts for men – Champney’s Intensive Moisture Balm and Anti-Perspirant Spray

Champney's Sports Therapy Intensive Moisture Balm
OK, so Christmas has gone, so my chance to review gifts for men has passed.  But if you’ve been lazy, don’t do Christmas or are just waiting for the sales before you splurge, this review might be worth a look.
I’ve roped in my hubby to try some more products.  This time it is Champney’s Sports Therapy Intensive
Moisture Balm, and the High Performance Anti-Perspirant Spray from the same
range.  One of the things to bear in mind
is that, as the name suggests, the Sports Therapy range is designed with the
athlete in mind.  My husband plays
football twice a week, and on both days he forgets – and I forget to tell him –
to use the products.  So they haven’t quite
been tested to their full potential, but nonetheless, his thoughts are as
Champney's Sports Therapy High Performance Spray review
On the Moisture Balm…
“Unlike the David Hill Cream I recently tried, the Champney’s cream smells great, but it lacks the
moisturising benefits David Hill offers. 
I felt that it was a little too light for my skin.  Though it felt oily at first, it absorbed
very quickly.   Perhaps it’s one for the summer, or for those
with particularly oily skin.  In fact, if I wore it whilst sweating it out at a football match, maybe I’d be grateful for the lightness of it.           
The Moisture balm
costs £9.00, and as I say, it might be a good investment if you’ve got oily
skin and would like a light and nice smelling cream, rather than one that packs
a moisturising punch.”        
On the Anti-Perspirant Spray…                 
“The Champney’s
deodorant smells really good.  Rather
than having the Lynx or Sure style scent, this smells really upmarket, like a
nice eau de toilette.  The spray promises
48-hour protection.  While I can’t really
vouch for this much longevity as I had the audacity to shower in-between, I would
say that it’s pretty long lasting.  I could
still smell it after a day at work, which involves braving the London underground
during rush hour.  And that can bring
anyone out in a sweat…    
For £3.50, I think it’s
great value and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this.”              

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