My everyday beauty essentials

My everyday makeup and skincare, featuring propolis gel, Mac and Revlon
While I’m
busy writing new and novel product reviews, I thought it would be a nice idea
to take a step back and appreciate what I wear every day, as this is often
taken for granted but is probably my best, most natural look.  Don’t you think simple makeup is so much more
flattering than vamped-up evening looks??? Or maybe it’s just me.         
So, whether
it’s for work or to meet a friend, here’s what I reach for:  
Hair – Mark Hill Big Blow Out Extra
Large Round Brush (8.99)   
Mark Hill's round blow out brush add great volume to hair

I’m as basic
as can be with my hair.  As my hair’s
naturally straight with a wave, I barely reach for irons, but I do find that
the Mark Hill bristle brush really helps with taming any unruly kinks and
waves.  Initially I thought the bristle
brush was just for blow drying –something I am rubbish at – however, due to
circumstance more than anything (I mislaid my paddle brush) I’ve discovered
that the round bristle brush is great for everyday basic grooming.           
Skin (Day)–Superdrug’s Optimum Antioxidant
Grape SPF15 Day Cream (12.99)  

I can’t
vouch for its wrinkle-busting properties (yet), but the cream comes on really
nicely and makes my skin feel really smooth. 
However, more recently as the wintry weather’s been harsher, I’ve found
that the cream, which is light in texture, doesn’t moisturise me enough.  So while we’re in the throes of frost, I’ve
temporarily switched to this…   
Skin (Night, and now day too) – Sanctuary Spa Secrets Youth Boosting Facial Oil (£17.35 from Boots) mixed with Propolis Gel   
The Sanctuary Spa facial oil and SBC Propolis Gel
I love this
combo.  Sanctuary’s Facial oil alone can
be a little too greasy, whilst the Propolis Gel can be too drying.  But together, it’s a great combo which helps
smooth my skin and has really improved the texture over time.  I think the antibacterial properties  of the gel combined with the essential oils
has helped reduce blemishes and keep me spot-free too.    
Makeup base –Murad Skin Perfecting Primer – Blemish & Shine
Control £29.00

I actually
hate the feel of foundation on my skin. 
I’ve tried so many brands and types, from liquids to creams to mineral
powders, but they still leave my pores feeling clogged and my skin feeling
caked.  That’s why I only wear foundation
on special occasions for extra coverage. 
But day to day, I’m not quite brave enough to go au naturel, so this
primer, which has a hint of colour, is just the thing.  It creates a smooth base, makes my skin feel
velvety but also light and sheer.

My Murad skin primer
Blush – Mac’s Dolly Mix and/or Revlon
Cream Blush in no.15 First Blush – £17.50 

Blush – Mac’s Dolly Mix and/or Revlon Cream Blush in no.15 First Blush
Depending on
how much time or inclination I have, I use the Revlon Cream Blush to contour,
and the Mac Dolly Mix to highlight.  If I’m
being lazy, I’ll just use the Revlon Blush. 
It’s totally lazy-girl friendly as you don’t even need to apply with a
Eyeliner – Mac’s Eye Kohl in Smoulder
– £14.00

Mac Kohl eyeliner

eyeliner is my staple.  You can apply
thick or thin, winged or natural.  It’s
soft, easy to apply and leaves a softer finish than a liquid liner.
Lipstick – a mixture

A pink lipstick

This is
where I mix things up.  I switch between
reds and pinks, glosses and matte lip colours. 
The one pictured is one my sister gave me.  I don’t even know what brand it is (possibly
MUA?), but the colour is great.        
So that’s my
lot in a nutshell.  I rarely bother with
mascara, and as I say foundation makes a rare appearance. 

What about
you?  What are your everyday beauty



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