Salcura Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser

Salcura Zeodermskin repair moisturiser
Hopefully you’ve read the odd ‘desi boy’ review on my
blog.  Well, here’s another one, this
time it’s on Salcura’s Zeoderm Moisturiser, an intensive cream for seriously
dry skin.  This is the latest in a range of
creams my husband has tried, and I’ve also got involved to offer a girl’s

He’s used the Salcura Zeoderm Moisturiser a few times now, and his
thoughts are as follows:   

“As it says on the label, Salcura is a heavy-duty moisturiser,
which helps relieve eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other similar skin conditions.  While my skin is pretty dry, especially now
it’s winter, I don’t suffer from any of the above.  As a result, it may be a little too ‘intense’
for me!  
Our desi boy continues: “It certainly lived up to its moisturising
promise, my dry skin was sorted after one application.  But, as I guess you’d expect with a cream
aimed at those with severe skin problems, Salcura felt pretty heavy-duty
too.  It came on like an emollient (similar
to Vaseline or cocoa butter) and didn’t easily absorb into my skin when I applied
it to my face.  This made my skin feel
slightly greasy.  However, I did find
that it worked really well on dry areas such as my elbows and feet, which are
usually neglected.  In fact, it probably
had better results on these parts than any other cream I have used, so I would
definitely use it for this.”   
To see for myself, I tried the Salcura Zeoderm Moisturiser last
night.  Over winter, I do suffer from dry
heels (not quite at cracking point -eww – but when the skin slightly
hardens).  Anyway, regular body
moisturiser or oil doesn’t seem to cut it, so I decided to test out Salcura’s
Moisturising claims.
I wasn’t disappointed.     
I applied a fairly generous lump to my heels and feet before bed, and
found that they were super soft in the morning. 
This is quite a feat for one application, especially considering I
hadn’t used a pumice stone or exfoliated my heels beforehand.  My husband did the same (copying me, I might
add) and saw similar results.

However, when I applied the cream to the rest of my body, I have to agree
with the boy, it was just a little too greasy. 
My skin felt sticky against my clothes, so I wouldn’t use it as a
regular.  But that’s more because it’s
not aimed at my skin type. 
My younger sister has eczema, and a lot of her lotions and potions have a
similar consistency, which makes sense as they are meant to do the same
thing.  So I don’t think it’s really fair
to knock Salcura too much, as we simply aren’t the intended audience. 
BUT I will still be suing this daily for my heels elbows and knees, as it
has achieved results much more expensive products haven’t.             
Salcura costs £8.99 for 40ml and is available
in Boots, Major pharmacies and online at       

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