Coconut oil – the perfect hair conditioner, makeup remover and body moisturiser

A tub of pure coconut oil
Coconut oil: natures two fingers up to expensive skincare and haircare


Even before I
started writing Desi Girl’s Beauty Blog, I’d tried a hoard of products.  I was basically a marketer’s dream.  Growing up, while my friends would be rifling
through clothes rails, I loved nothing more than pouring over the skincare
aisles, reading the back of the lotions and potions to see what they promised
and wanting to believe every word. 
I still have
the same love for skincare, but I look at things in a more methodical
fashion.  Having access to more products
than you can shake a stick at, I can quickly establish whether something is
good, how it compares to others, AND whether it lives up to its promise.   
Seeing so much
available has also made me realise that sometimes the simplest things have the
best effect.  Even looking at my own mum –
she never used a wrinkle-cream, serum, toner or exfoliator in her life – yet she
still has great, smooth, wrinkle-free skin. 
Her secret? She
uses oil on her body a simple face lotion, like Nivea or Johnsons. 
The former
is what I’m raving about.  Oil is
fantastic on the skin.  And in my
opinion, no oil works from better from head-to-toe than coconut oil.          
I’ve raved
about coconut oil before (see my blog post here).  It does such a fantastic job of nourishing
the hair and scalp when simply massaged in overnight and washed the next
day.  It makes you hair smooth and shiny,
and has better long term benefits than any hair conditioner I’ve come
The only
downfall is that it’s not as quick and easy as a conditioner.  It needs to seep into the scalp, and it takes
a lot of shampoo to wash out.  Therefore,
you couldn’t do this every time you washed your hair.  Plus, you simply cannot leave the house with
coconut oil in your hair, it’s practically offensive.  But that’s where a ‘shop-bought’ conditioner
comes in to use the rest of the time.  In
addition to this, if you can tolerate having coconut oil in your hair for a
couple of hours (or ideally overnight) at least once every two weeks, your hair
will thank you for it. 
Coconut oil isn’t
just great for the hair, it also works wonders for the skin.  Out of necessity, I once used it as a body
mosituriser after showering.  I kid you
not, mi skin had never been softer. 
Coconut oil works WAY better than any cream or lotion I’ve come
across.  As it doesn’t absorb as easily and
quickly as body creams, I use it at night and also on weekends when I’m not in
such a rush to get out.    
It has an
amazing moisturising effect on the skin, even better than other oils such as
olive oil, or baby oil, which spreads thinly and doesn’t offer the same intense
nourishment.  I honestly would say try
coconut oil on your skin just once, and you will notice a difference. 
Finally, I have
to thank my little sister for this last revelation – coconut oil is a great face
and eye makeup remover.  Let’s be honest,
while you can just about scrub away your foundation, blusher and powder with
your regular cleanser, removing eye makeup is a pain and requires special attention.  This is why makeup and skincare companies make
a fortune coming up with potions to do this. 
But as I saw
my sister dabbing cotton wool in the solid coconut oil and then wiping her eyes
with it, I was impressed to see that it does the same job as any other, more
expensive offering.  Also, as it’s
totally natural, there’s no danger of skin irritation or flare-ups.
And do you
want to know the best thing of all?  You
can get a tub from your Asian grocers, or even a supermarket, for under
So I would thoroughly
recommend getting yourself a tub or jar of the humble coconut oil, it’s a
worthy investment.            

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