Secret Santa sorted

Lush Comsetics Christmas gift set
Lush has got Christmas gifts and Secret Santas all wrapped up
I’m sure most of you have had your Christmas parties and
secret santas, but just in case you have a last-minute gift to buy, I thought I’d
share a great gift idea.   
So basically I forgot my Secret Santa.  Shame on me. 
But to be fair, I had been travelling a lot and the whole thing had gone
out of my mind.  So I dived out of work
to grab a special something for £5. 
With a limited budget, I was a little stuck for
options.  I went to Accessorize, but nothing
was within budget, and anything that exceeded still looked a bit pitiful.  I wanted to get something substantial for my
recipient, it is Christmas after all.             
So off I went to Lush, where they really saved my
They had a wide array of pre-wrapped gifts to suit all
budgets.  Lush-ious gifts including
soaps, bath bombs and creams in a variety of themes with different wrapping to
suit different personalities.           
Luscious scents and presents from Lush

I did go slightly over-budget by a few pounds.  But it was totally worth it as the gift looked and smelled gorgeous and came within a festive and gorgeous gift wrap and bag.  The gift itself was a parma violet flavoured bath bomb and soap – cute, girly and very appropriate for the girl it was intended for.    
Needless to say my recipient – who knew it was from me (are
any Secret Santas really a secret?) – absolutely loved the gift.  So all’s well that all ends well.       
So if you need a last-minute gift guaranteed to make a good impression,
get yourself down to Lush.  There are
some lovely pre-packed gifts waiting for you, that could get you out of a
sticky bind.             

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