Can Asian girls do goth glam?

It’s a big winter trend which comes round every year.  Goth glam – dark lips and dramatic eyes on an
alabaster complexion.       
However the goth glam vampy look is always something I
steered clear of.  Not just because I don’t have the pale complexion required, but I also feel that the
gothic look is just too harsh for normal wear outside of Halloween. 
However, when Collection 2000 sent me two lipsticks from
their Gothic Glam range, it spurred me on to experiment with the look to see if
a desi girl could pull it off.      
Collection's Gothic Glam lipsticks in Seductionand Scorched
Collection 2000’s Gothic Glam lipsticks – Scorned and Seduction

Swatches of Collection's Gothic Glam shades

My interpretation of
goth glam                    
Before I begin, I just thought I’d share some of my basic tips
about goth glam. 
Firstly, it’s all about the lips.  Looking gothic is about rocking dark lips,
preferably in a matte tone. 
Eyes should be dramatic yet simple.  A thick slick of jet black eyeliner and
coatings of mascara should be all you need. 
No eyeshadow shimmer or shading.     
Finally, the rest of your makeup should be kept simple, stripped
back and matte.  Your skin should be a
blank canvass, with just some contouring in the hollows of your cheeks for
added drama. My highlighting and contouring routine (see here), which adds shimmer and
glow, has no business on a gothic face.   
I tried my hand at goth glam using the two different lip
The Seduction shade is actually very wearable. It’s
brighter and more pigmented than a colour I’d normally go for, but it actually
wore really well.  So I would wear this
on a special occasion, though obeying the rules and keeping the rest of my
makeup simple.  

My husband wasn’t so keen though, as it was a much deeper colour than he’s used to.  And combined with the thickly lined eyes, it was too dramatic for his liking.  This if nothing else, did show that it was a very different look from my usual, so the lipstick does make an impact.  But then what does he know?!  
Scorned on the other hand is much too dark.  It took vamp to the extreme, and I just don’t
think I could pull it off.  I’d save this
for a very special occasion, such as Halloween.
Here is my attempt below with the red shade, though i have to say that the pictures don’t really do the look justice:  

Collection's Gothic Glam berry lipstick on Asian skin
In the flesh, the look was vibrant, though I’d say more glam
and less gothy.  I just don’t have the
skin tone for the gothic look.  But it was
a good look nonetheless, and a break from my usual au natural makeup.  

And just to give you nightmares, here’s the purple lip look:

Purple goth lipstick on Asian skin
Also, testimony to Collection 2000’s Gothic Glam lipstick
staying power – I went out for a curry – and came back with the lipstick very much intact.   

So in a nutshell, I loved the Seduction shade, but may save Scorned for Halloween.  

Collection 2000’s
Gothic Glam lipstick is available in Boots, Superdrug and most pharmacies and
cost £2.99 each. 

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