The expensive makeup mismatch

Mac, Nars and bags of makeup
I recently conducted a survey on beauty habits, which revealed
some surprising – yet relatable finding. 
According to the survey results, women spend more on
foundation than any other cosmetic, but still get it wrong. 
It’s a particularly grey area for Asian women, as the
plethora of choice amongst the more expensive brands  – and our tendency to want to go a shade lighter
on foundation – can leave us looking washed out and feeling out of pocket.          
The findings have been published in the media (Asian Image
and Lancashire Telegraph at the time of print) and the full press release is
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the findings.  What’s been your most expensive makeup
mistake?  Have you ever bought a makeup
item and never used it.  Leave your
comments at the end of this blog post…         
My most expensive
 Women spend more on foundation
than any other cosmetic, but still get it wrong
The most expensive item in our
makeup bag by far is our foundation, yet despite the heavy investment, we still
struggle to find a suitable match, according to new research.           
A survey hosted by beauty and
lifestyle blog – Desi girl’s beauty blog ( – revealed that 64% of women spend more money on
getting the right foundation than any other makeup item, but 82% confess to
buying a foundation that didn’t match.                            
In contrast, only 3% of women
stated that eyeliner and lipstick – two relatively easy-to-match items – were
their most expensive purchases. 
The survey also revealed that
makeup is something that women couldn’t live without, with 96% of women unable
to step out of the door with a bare face.              
So despite beauty brands serving
this lucrative market with a spectrum of foundation shades – with a price tag
to match – finding the perfect colour is still a minefield.          
Halima Khatun, founder of Desi
girl’s beauty blog, comments: “I think that every Asian woman can relate to the
survey.  Just a few years ago, there was
very little choice for brown skin in the beauty market.  But now, brands like Mac and Bobby Brown have
left us spoilt for choice.  However, I
think the danger of having so many varying shades means that if we pick a
foundation that’s just a shade too light, too dark, too yellow or too pink, we
are left looking mismatched.”    
Halima advises never to rush into a
foundation purchase: “Mistakes tend to happen when we try a product at a beauty
counter, look fabulous under their bright lighting, and snap it up instantly.
But when we get home we look very different to how we looked in the store.  So I would advise against a rash purchase,
leave the foundation on and see how it wears throughout the day.  If it stays put and looks great in natural
light, then it’s worth a purchase.”                     
However, buying the wrong
foundation isn’t the only way we waste money, as the research also shows that over
40% of women have bought more than five makeup items that they’ve never used.
Halima also believes that this is
down to the rash beauty purchase.  She
says: “Sometimes you can feel intimidated by the girl at the beauty counter,
and then buy whatever she suggests.  Or
if you’ve bought from a smaller store or supermarket, the classic mistake is
not trying before you buy.  In both
cases, the key to getting it right is making use of the samples available.  Test lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner on the
back of your hand.  Try foundation on
your jawline to see if it matches your face and neck.  Most importantly, follow your gut
instinct.  A makeup artist can advise to
an extent, but buying cosmetics is a very personal choice.  You know what looks best on you, so judge for

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