Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her

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Valentine’s day gift ideas for all budgets
Tiffany bracelet 'please return to' pendant close-up
Tiffany and Co. bracelet
It’s that time of year again, where we get ourselves in a
tizz about what to get for Valentine’s Day. 
It’s not an easy decision.  If
you’ve just entered a new relationship, do you play it cool and get a card, or
do you go all out with a balloon and bear sent to your kind-of-partner’s workplace?  I would suggest that the latter is a little
too keen.       
If you’re married or been with your partner for a while, is
it still significant?  Also, you have
expectations (whether high or low) set from previous Valentine’s Days.  So, do you top last year, or slowly try to
play down this expensive and cheesy holiday.
No matter what your relationship status, the same burning
issues still arise:
How much do you spend?  


What will your partner get you?  This is a real pickle.  If you get something cheaper or less
significant, you feel guilty, if you get something more expensive or lavish,
you feel short changed.
Last year I got whisked away to Paris, while in return I
gifted my husband with a Transformers Bumblebee model (which he loved, btw).        
However, this year I’ve no clue what to get.  I kind of want to think outside of the box, but
then again a useful gift might be better appreciated.
So while I’m searching, I thought I’d share some for gift
ideas to suit all budgets, with some out of the box suggestions to boot.  I thought it would be easier to write a
series of articles, for him, her and for couples.  So watch this space for more updates.
This first Valentine’s Day article is about gift ideas for
you, the ladies.  As that is of paramount importance. 
So girls, if any of the suggestions tickle your fancy, stick this
article under your other half’s nose by any means possible.  Leave it open on your shared laptop.  ‘Accidentally’ email it to him (it was meant
for a friend, of course), or go the whole hog and print it out and leave it on
the coffee table.  It’s the only way
he’ll know.                  


Shloer celebration fizz – £2.99 

Shloer Celebration Pink Fizz bottle
Shloer celebration

Now, while I wouldn’t condone this as your only Valentine’s gift , your partners
onto a good thing if he presents your main present with a bottle of Shloer’s
non-alcoholic fizz.
As a non-drinker, I feel that its high-time we had a pretty
drink to celebrate with.  So far, when
pushing the boat out, we’ve resorted to Tropicana and the fail safe- Coke. 
Of course, we always treat ourselves to the original bottle
of Shloer.  However, they’ve cottoned to
the this gap in the market and brought out this extra-special range of drinks
which just make your special occasion that little bit more special. 
Shloer celebration comes in White Bubby – made with white
grape – and Pink Fizz – a mixture of red and white grape juices.  As you can see from the picture, the bottle
is so darned pretty that I don’t want to open. 
I best save it for the special day itself.
Shloer celebration is available in all supermarkets, so if
you don’t drink but want some fizz, put an order in with Mr.    

Collection smokey eye palette – under £5 

Collection cosmetics brown smokey eye set
Collection smokey eye palette
I was never too sure about Collection 2000 back in the day,
but since it’s rebranded itself as Collection, it’s really upped its game in
terms of colour, quality and wear-ability.
I’ve tried another version of Collection’s smokey eye
palette, (see my review here), as well as reviewing their chunky
eyeshadow crayons in their work the colour range (review here) so I’m a
This pretty palette contains all you need for the perfect
smokey eye, so it would make for a great look on Valentine’s Day and
See my attempt at the fabled smokey eye (sorry about the lighting):   
Brown smokey eye close up
Smokey eye with Collection

Mid range

Front Cover Colours of the catwalk – in the pink £19.50

Front Cover 'in the pink' colours of the catwalk makeup set
Frontcover cosmetics
Front Cover makeup set box featuring lipsticks, eyeshadows, blusher
You can totally embrace your girly side with this Front
Cover range.  I’ve used Front Cover
cosmetics before in a festive fist idea roundup, and there’s a reason they keep
popping up my gift reviews.  Quite
simply, they’re great gifts!     
In one neat box you get most of what you need to create a
new look, with complementing shades. 
This collection is no different, with a hot pink nail polish, three
varying shades of pink lipstick, complementary blue eyeshadows and an eyeliner
and mascara to boot.
See an eye look I’ve create here with the range.  The colours are vibrant, highly pigmented and
Purple eyeshadow look


The Frontcover set is a great mid-range gift, more expensive
and higher quality than some of the cosmetic briefcases you get from Debenhams,
but far cheaper than buying individual brands. 
I’d be glad to receive this as a gift on any occasion.            

Paul Mitchell’s Ethicool Bonus Bag – £24.50

Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner
Paul Mitchell Ethicool shampoo and conditioner
If you want the gift of great hair this Valentine’s Day,
take a look at Paul Mitchell’s Ethicool range. 
There are three sets in the range – Tea Tree (for hydration), Relaxingly
Cool (for strength) and Lemon Sage (for body).     
Each set contains a shampoo and conditioner, tailored to different
hair types.  I tried the Lavender Mint
Bonus Bag, and was really impressed with how sleek my hair looked afterwards.  There wasn’t the usual kinks and fray – its high
quality ingredients does really give you salon hair. 
What’s more, Ethicool is an environmentally-friendly range,
with its tea tree being carbon neutral as Paul Mitchell supports Conservation
International, a forest carbon programme.           

Superdry Minis gift set for her – £29.50 

Superdry Frangrance gift set for her
Superdry fragrance gift set
Superdry's Neon perfume set for women has four varieties
Do you remember the days of the £5 fragrance collection gift
set from Boots or Superdrug?  I do, as I
was the lucky recipient of many. 
Obviously this was during my school days, and I could enjoy squirts of
Miss Sixty, Charlie and more in cute handy little bottles.  I may jest now, but I loved them at the
However, fragrances have moved up a notch, and you can now
give (and receive) the gift of a fragrance set without cringing.
Uber-trendy Superdry have brought out a gift set which
contains four embossed 25ml bottles from their coveted Neon collection. Not
only do they contain very unique scents, the bottles and their sleek outer
packaging are nothing short of what you’d expect from a brand that loves
attention to detail. 
The range includes:
Neon Pink
A blend of Bergamot, Pineapple, Galbanun, Water
Fruits, Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musks.  It’s a deahy mix of floral, sporty and
Neon Orange
A light fragrance combining Mandarin Zest,
Blood Orange, Blackcurrant, Orange Blossom, Pineapple, Cedarwood and
Musks.  As you’d expect, this perfume has
a very citrus-y zest to it.     
Neon Blue
A flower-based scent containing Juicy Pear, Apple, Melon, Lily of
the Valley, Petals of Jasmine and Musks. 
You can smell the floral notes, but there’s also a hint of aqua about it
and has a passing similarity to Davidoff Cool Water.  At least that’s what I think.      
Neon Purple
A blend of Fresh Figs, Green
Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Dry Amber, Coconut, Tonka and
Musks.  This fragrance had the most distinct
secnt.  Very sweet, with more than a hint
of Parma Violet sweets about it.      
You could even do a straight swap with your other half as
there is a matching fragrance gift set for him.  That’ll put paid to any budget issues.   


Tiffany’s bracelet  – £100+
Tiffany and Co silver bracelet with heart charm and beads
Tiffany and Co's heart shaped pendant bracelet

If you want your partner to splash the cash (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?), there are some high-end gift options that would make for an unforgettable treat.

Yes, I know it’s high on every girl’s wish list and usually
stays there, but owning a little piece of Tiffany’s is just lust-some.
Now I’m not a designer/big brand girl, but when I received
the beautiful blue box which contained the pretty velour pouch and this gem, I
was pretty pleased…
It may be a bit too steep a gift for Valentine’s Day (I
received the bracelet in the pic for my birthday), but as any Tiffany-lover
knows, nothing says it better. 

Spa day

If you want an experience rather than a product, how about suggesting
the idea of a spa day to your other half? 
It’s the best way to unwind and you’ll feel totally pampered throughout.  There are some great spas dotted up and down
the country, with many offering Valentine’s packages and couples treatments, so
it’s well worth doing your homework before declaring your interest.
So there you have it. 
A variety of Valentine’s gifts for every budget.  So start dropping those hints early.              

For gift ideas for him, see me roundup here.

For alternative gift ideas for couples, see here.       


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