Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Tateossian silver Big Ben cufflinks
Tateossian Big Ben cufflinks
Superdry minis fragrance gift set for men
Superdry Cologne minis


So I previously posted an article on Valentine’s Day gift
ideas for women, which I suggested shamelessly shoving under your other half’s
nose for inspiration.   
So now, with his great gift to you (hopefully) in the bag,
you need to return the favour (whoever said you don’t give to receive is a liar).
When choosing a gift for your other half, the rule is
simple.  Whatever you’d like for
yourself, get the opposite for him (this excludes perfumes, as you’ll see
I learnt this the hard way last Valentine’s Day, I was being
whisked away to Paris, so I didn’t know what to get to even compare with
that.  However, I knew my hubby – like
most men – is a big kid at heart, so I figured that his favourite toy – Transformers
Bumblebee – wouldn’t be a bad way to go. 
However, my Bumblebee took much longer than I thought to
arrive. So as a last minute idea, I thought it would be sweet and thoughtful to
make a card on Moonpig with some photos of us, and send it to his place of
Anyway, said card never arrived (I never did chase Moonpig
up on it), and when I explained to my hubby that was what I ordered, he was as grateful
as hell that it got lost in the post.
You see, what us women love – flowers and cards sent to our
work – men hate.  We gush with
embarrassment in front of our colleagues (but secretly love it).  While men are mortified and get endless
ribbing from the other Neanderthals in the office.  It’s just the way it works.
On the plus side, when the Bumblebee finally arrived, it
went down a storm.
So, avoid Moonpig, and get your partner or husband something
that they really want for valentine’s Day.     
To help you along, here’s my roundup of gifts you could get
for him. 


Rockface skincare – under £5

Rockface men's deodorant, body scrub and moisturiser
Rockface skincare
If your man is anything like mine, his skincare routine will
consist of a quick splash under the shower, followed by a haphazard rub of face
cream before heading out of the door.  As
we’re in the ravages of winter, this simply won’t do, and a poor skincare
routine means dry patches and bad skin.   
And of course, heaven forbid they use any of our products,
should they become emasculated. 
So give the gift of good skin this Valentine’s Day with some
goodies from Rock Face, the McCoys of skincare – i.e. bloke’s stuff.  
Rock Face have butters, body sprays, scrubs and post-shave
balms all designed with mankind in mind. 
I’ve had a little go of the scrub myself, and it’s actually quite
good.  So while he won’t be stealing my
St Ives scrub, I have no qualms about using his Rock face scrub.  So a gift for him can also benefit me.  How good is that?!


Superdry cologne gift set for men – £29.50
Superdry for men glass fragrance bottles
Superdry cologne for men 

Uber-trendy Superdry have brought out a gift set which
contains four embossed 25ml bottles from their coveted Neon collection. Not
only do they contain very unique scents, the bottles and their sleek outer
packaging are nothing short of what you’d expect from a brand that loves
attention to detail. 
As Superdry is a brand that’s got kudos in the male market
(you can’t move for Superdry-clad men on the tube), a gift set from them isn’t
a bad way to go.  
Like the women’s gift set (featured in my Valentine’s gifts
for her feature, see here), Superdry minis contains four generously-sized 25ml
colognes in distinctly different frangrances. 
Obviously being aimed at blokes, the minis have very masculine and
testosterone-fuelled names such as ‘Steel’, instead of the female version, Neon
Pink, Neon Orange, etc.     
The range includes such heady fragrances as:
A statement fragrance, with
top notes of lime and bergamot, a heart of cardamom and violet
leaves with rich base notes of cedarwood and moss.
An aromatic heart of lavender,
jasmine, thyme, coriander and nutmeg, with juicy lime and rich ripe fruits
completed by a deep base rich of sandalwood, balsam, incense, leather and moss.
This scent evokes oceanic freshness (read, it’s like Davidoff Cool Water)
with blended notes of bergamot,
pear, clary sage and moss.
A spicy cluster of black pepper, frankincense, sandalwood and patchouli
crowned with the zesty sweetness of blood orange for a distinctive and exotic

Paul Mitchell’s ‘Mitch’ travel kit – £38.00    

Paul Mitchell's travel grooming kit for men features gels, products and pomades
Paul Mitchell’s travel kit
This perfectly-sized travel kit contains every grooming
product that man needs.  The 2-in-1
shampoo and conditioner can guarantee a good hair day (let’s be honest, your
other half is never gonna use a separate conditioner off his own back).  So they can have smooth sleek locks without
feeling too metrosexual.
The kit also contains a number of handy little pots
containing things I have no business writing about, including hair putties in
different textures from matte to shiny, making it the perfect gift to give this
Valentine’s Day.             

Splashy splashy

Tateossian Big Ben cufflinks – £200
Big Ben clockface cufflinks by Tateossian
Tateossian Big Ben cufflinks

If you want to really treat your other half to a luxury item
he’ll keep forever, you can’t go far wrong with these Tateossian
Yes, they’re flash and expensive, but oh my, they’re
beautiful.  Once I set eyes on these at
Selfridges, I couldn’t really bring myself to buy anything else, despite its
eye-watering price tag of £200 (eek). 
The working clock face makes it extra special, and it’s the
kind of item that your other half can wear for years to come – if not a
lifetime.  So while the price tag is
harsh, it will last longer than the latest ipad or Macbook pro, which would
cost you more.  A true keepsake,
accessory and timepiece rolled into one.      

For that perfect gift for you, see my Valentine’s Day gift guide for her here.
For alternative gift ideas for couples, see here.   



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