Hotel Lorette Opera, Paris, review

Climbing the stairs at Hotel Lorette Opera, Paris
Hotel Lorette Opera
Beige brickwork, a golden heart mirror and plush sofas at the Hotel Lorette Opera in Paris
Hotel Lorette Opera
During our a Paris trip, we stayed at the Hotel Lorette Opera, which is a small
boutique hotel in Notre Dame, Paris, approximately a mile from the Garde du Nord
train station.  This is where the
Eurostar stops, making it a very convenient place to stay.         
One thing I must warn about Paris is that, like London,
accommodation isn’t cheap.  You don’t get
much for your money and naturally, the more central you are, the higher the
price.  The hotel we stayed at was nice
and chic, but the room was teeny.  It
suited us as we spent most of our time outdoors, but if you want more of a
luxury experience, and intend to be holed up in your room, I’d suggest opting
for another hotel.      
The Hotel Lorette Opera costs between 80-120 euros a night,
making it a relatively affordable stay. 
The hotel décor was lovely.  Crisp white walls with a large gold heart
shaped mirror in the hallway, it was chic but modern and also had the quaint,
small hotel feel about it.  There was a
grand staircase, and exposed brickwork.  The
style very much mixed modern and contemporary with classic style.      
One great plus of the hotel was that they offered
complimentary drinks and nibbles in a small lounge area during the
afternoon.  They had crisps, cakes, nuts
and pretzels, as well as an assortment of soft drinks to enjoy.  This provided a great stop-off point between
sightseeing and before dinner.  This also
gave us an opportunity to speak to other guests. 
Breakfast was held at the basement of the hotel.  Unlike the main entrance and lobby, the
basement was a lot more rustic and had a very downtown Parisian feel about it.                 
The breakfast, I have to be honest, didn’t blow me
away.  As it was continental, cheese and
croissants were the order of the day. 
One of my favourite things about staying away is a fry-up in the
morning, so not having this was a little disappointing.  However, each table was presented with a very
cute set of preserves for our bread, and we may or may not have taken a jar or
two as souvenirs.  It’s rude not too,
However, we were located well enough to walk to most of the
sights, and the underground station was just a minute away, so for convenience
I’d say it’s a great stop, but for space it’s a little pokey. 
If I visited Paris again and wanted a luxury break, I wouldn’t
stay at the Hotel Lorette, but if I wanted a crash pad and had a packed
schedule and would be outdoors a lot, I’d opt for this hotel.    

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