The Berjaya Resort, Langkawi review

The rainforest chalet at the Berjaya Resort in Lagkawi

The bed at the suite in the Berjaya Langkawi

The view of the sea from the Berjaya resort, Langkawi
So I’ve shared my thoughts on things to do in Langkawi, so now for my lowdown on where we stayed, and what I thought of it.  

The Berjaya Hotel in Langkawi is picturesque-paradise personified. The resort itself overlooks the beach, has its own private pools as well as a host restaurants, bars and spas to keep you entertained.         
The Berjaya Resort's lobby
And just five minutes away in a tuk tuk cab is a series of Chalets, situated in the heart of the island’s rainforest.    
The Berjaya rainforest chalet route for tuk tuks
Our little place, a pretty wooden cabin with its own balcony, was everything you’d expect from a modern hotel on the inside – flat screen tv, minimal decor, etc. But it was in the most out of the world place. So exclusive was the Berjaya that the resort’s tuk tuks were the only vehicles allowed up into the rainforest. This did not mean we were held captive at the mercy of long taxi waits. The tuk tuks, which were constantly taking people from resort to room, we’re incredibly effecient and arrived within minutes of calling. Going in an open taxi with other holiday makers also added some excitement to our trip. 
tuk tuk drivers at the Berjaya resort in Langkawi

The chalet suite at the Berjaya in Langkawi

I did have one niggle with our room, which was that the bath water wasn’t running properly and given the nature of the location, we found the odd bug, most notably a black lizard, were also guests in our room. This did freak me out slightly, but it also came with the territory of such an exotic place.      
Another surprise came with the local monkeys. On arrival at our room, we found umbrellas in the cupboard, which seemed like a strange but novel perk.
However, it wasn’t just to protect us from the rain. In fact we were told to close our balcony doors at night, as the monkey’s pee literally everywhere! At night we heard them occasionally jumping against the french doors, whilst during the day I narrowly missed being peed on by a very cute monkey whilst waiting for our tuk tuk.
Monkeys at the waterfall in Langkawi
Beyond that, the scamps weren’t a real bother, and in fact more than made up for their mischief when they tried to steal some packets of sugar at the open-air restaurant during breakfast- cue lots of laughs.  
This leads me onto one of the highlights of our stay at the Berjaya – the breakfast. 
You may know, I’m a total foodie, hence the burgeoning food section on this blog. 
And the breakfast at the Berjaya completely satisfied my greedy appetite. 
An egg station where you can order any kind of omelette to be made before your very eyes, a selection of hot and cold meats – all halal, and some regional delicacies such as the nasi goreng. On top of this expansive menu, there was more fruit than you can shake a stick at. And I’m not talking the tinned variety you get at some UK hotel. I mean starfish, dragon fruit and the juiciest pineapple. 
I would have taken a picture, but I was just too busy eating. 
So this is all good. But apart from the slightly not-ready bath, the other thing I was slightly uneasy about with the Berjaya was the location of the rainforest chalet itself.      
Nestled on our own with our nearest neighbour a few yards away, the chalet was stunning and magical my day, yet seemed a little scary and creepy by night. The thought of being alone in a forest crept in, along with memories of horror stories. However in reality the resort was just a phonecall away and there were other chalets around. The fear was purely an over-active imagination. Hubby and I found ourselves running up the steps to our little chalet when the tuk tuk stopped us off at night. It’s a bit sad really, but I think we’re just city dwellers that are ill at ease in isolation.
So don’t let’s babyish ways put you off, the Berjaya is a stunning resort with amazing views and an even better breakfast. Just watch out for the peeing monkeys.

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