Pimping out my drawers… makeup storage solution

Ok well not quite pimping… But I have been making a conscious attempt to de-clutter my makeup bag(s).
I originally looked at the Perspex Kardashian style makeup drawers. You can see everything you’ve got tucked away and there’s a generous amount of space for your makeup. However I baulked at the retail price, I mean £80 for a plastic box????!!
So anyway, a suitable halfway house was this wooden makeup tidy. It looks pretty on my chest of drawers, it has a good mix of compartments and drawers, and makes my makeup visible and accessible enough to use regularly, rather than forgetting about the products I have at the bottom of my makeup bag.
Lipsticks and eyeshadows stored in wooden makeup drawers
One thing I haven’t done is put my makeup brushes in the compartment – I’m keeping them in their own case as I feel they’ll gather dust out in the open. I’m not sure if my theory is correct, but if any makeup artists want to chime in with their advice, I’m all ears.

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