What’s the best blusher shade for Asian skin – pink or peach?

July 24, 2015
Another video rant / discussion for you!  This time I address an issue afflicting many of us Asian or dark-skinned girls – what is the best blush colour for our skin?  Do we go matchy-matchy with tan or
peach shades?  Or go bold with a vibrant pink?
This video discussed the best, most flattering blusher shades for Asian skin. I try out Green People’s peach blush, and Mac’s Dollymix, so you can which shade looks best.
I also share my early experiences of buying makeup as a teenager in Wales. These were the days before Mac became mainstream and Sleek even existed.  Put it this way, I rocked a lot of chalky hues back then!
Pink and peach blush on Asian skin
As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  If you dark skin, what shade to you prefer?  Also, if you’re pale skinned, are there any shades you avoid?  

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