Salter Spiralizer Review and Video Demo

August 25, 2016

Salter Spiralizer Review and Video Demo

OK, so you know I’ve been on something of a health kick recently in my attempt to banish the belly fat?

Well, I wanted to document my journey of the good, bad, and the downright fatty, with the recipes, products and appliances I’m using along the way.

So with that, I present to you my most domestic review ever, and that’s of Salter’s Spiralizer.

I picked this up after hearing great things about this nifty gadget. Plus my fine chopping is chunky at best, so I figured it would come in handy for my not so healthy recipes too (curly fries anyone?).

Watch as I demonstrate the latest craze in kitchen appliances and healthy eating. I try the Salter Spiralizer and demo how it works, what vegetables it’s good for (clue: courgettes/zucchini and onions spiralise like a dream), and the vegetables it surprisingly failed on.

See for yourself how it works as I demonstrate the gadget in action with an onion as my glamorous assistant! I’ll also share my precautions when it comes to cleaning the dicey blades.

Salter Spiralizer demo + review: Courgette / zucchini put through the spiralizer

You can get your own Salter Spiralizer here.

If you want to see more food-based video reviews, or have some thoughts or inspiration to share, drop me a comment below.


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