I’m blogging! – Read my first blog post!

I’m blogging!

I’m making a foray into the blog world, something I’ve been interested in for a while.  As PR consultant, I write for a living but I miss writing for fun.


So why a blog on beauty and lifestyle?  I think that there are few blogs out there for the regular girl, i.e. from the point of view of a non-beauty/non-fashion expert.  So I’ll be blogging about mismatched foundation, chocolate coloured saris, and the like. Rather than pretending to be an MUA (it will never happen), I hope to share my mistakes and occasional successes with you all.  I hope to post something witty and whimsical at least once a week.

About the Author


I’m not a makeup artist, chef, lifestyle guru or stylist. I’m just me. And like you, I’m trying to make the best of most things, only I’m sharing my warts-and-all thoughts along the way.

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