A flick of colour with Urban Decay liquid eyeliner

January 25, 2012
Urban Decay liquid liner in gash and brown
The other day, I found myself wearing a particularly drab outfit. Due to the morning rush (I should really get my work clothes ready the night before), I ended sporting brown boots, a beige skirt and beige cardigan.  Very mumsy.
Even my little sister couldn’t resist a cutting remark – ‘you’re looking very frumpy today’, were her words.  You can choose your friends…
Anyway, the one thing that did brighten my look was my Urban Decay Coloured Liquid Eyeliner, which added a slash of colour to my peepers.
I wore the eyeliner shade in Gash, a hot reddish-pink.  See what you think.
Wearing pink eyeliner
Urban Decay Coloured Eyeliner in Gash
Urban decay pink eyeliner with eyes closed

Urban Decay liquid eyeliner – any good?

The great thing with this eyeliner is you can build up accordingly.  As I have rather big eyes, a thick dash of colour is better for me.
Also, if you’re not feeling brave – or like Kate Middleton – can’t be without black eyeliner, rest assured that you can combine both!  The Urban Decay Coloured Liquid Eyeliner can sit quite happily atop of a line of black and look just as fab.
The colour is pretty smudge-proof and long-lasting, so can easily take you from the office to the evening. So if you want a quick and easy splash of colour to your look, then I would definitely recommend this eyeliner.
What’s more, since I purchased the Urban Decay Coloured Liquid Eyeliner, the price has gone down dramatically.  Annoying for me, but great news for you as you can purchase the eyeliner online for between £4 and £8.

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