Eau Thermale Avene launch and Breakfast at Delaunay’s

November 8, 2012
The Delaunay in London
This week, I was invited to my first blogger event, which was hosted by Pegasus PR, who look after a whole host of gorgeous beauty brands.
Two such brands were being showcased that morning, Eau Thermale Avene, which specialises in skincare for sensitive skin and Klorane, a haircare range using specially natural plant extracts.
The event itself was held at The Delaunay – an uber-posh café restaurant in Covent Garden, London.
As it was a breakfast event, it meant an early start.  And as I’m a stranger in a big city, it also
meant getting lost.  But the kindness of strangers got me there (who said Londoners aren’t friendly?).

Eau Thermale Avene – the special ingredient

Anyway, after arriving slightly late and dishevelled (standard) to this rather upmarket eatery, I was greeted by the friendly faces of both Pegasus PR and Avene.  I was talked through the history, how the key ingredient – Thermale Avene spring water – was sourced from their hydrotherapy centre in France.  This centre is essentially a spa which provides dermatology treatments to the French equivalent of NHS patients (how lucky are they?! I’m emigrating).
Anyway, the spring water is bottled from source, so no mineral or chemical nasties in-between, making it as pure as possible, hence being ideal for sensitive skins.
I’ve tried Eau Thermale Avene’s Soap-free cleanser, Spring Water and Cleanance Anti-shine Lotion see review here), but it was interesting to see what else is on offer.  One particular product which caught my eye is their Triacneal treatment, which claims to treat blemishes and
scars.  A lot of products promise this, but most focus on reducing redness, rather than fading the mark left afterwards.  Apparently, this helps reduce and fade the blemish, so it’s one I’m keen to trial.
I left with a goody bag for my trouble, containing three of the range’s most popular products, their lazy girl cleanser, spring water and dry shampoo:
Eau Thermale Avene skincare set
I’ll trial these and share my thoughts accordingly in due course.

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