Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

A heartshaped chocolate wrapped in red foil


For those of you who have a partner, enjoy the day and make sure you’re spoiled.  For those
singletons, remind yourself that Valentine’s Day is a load of pretentious, commercialised BS and you couldn’t care less.
As for me, my gift is en route (all men are big kids, after all)
The transformer Bumblebee toy
I’ve been helped out with a card by this guy…
The pig symbol of moonpig.com
And we’re off to…
The Eiffel Tower at night
Needless to say, the latter wasn’t organised by me.  But before you turn green with envy, rest
assured that I’ve been told – under no uncertain circumstances – that this is the last time we’ll mark the occasion in such a way.
So in 2014, I’ll look forward to my Moonpig.com card*
*Other personalised card providers are available, including funkypigeon.com.   

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