Low side bun tutorial – easy updo with a sock bun /donut ring

February 27, 2014
Low side bun created with a sock bun - YouTube tutorial
An easy side-bun in minutes!

So onto my first YouTube video – a low side bun tutorial with a sock bun /donut ring!

This look is fantastic for dressing up and down.  I particularly like it as a fuss free feminine look for a wedding or party.
Sock bun (or doughnut) hairstyles
The low updo can be dressed up or down

With the help of a trusty sock bun, a taut hairband and a few grips, you can create a fantastic look in a matter of minutes.  And to prove my point, I’ve recorded the tutorial in real time, so you can see just how easy it is.  Quite simply, it’s the lazy girl’s glam do of choice.

So hit play above to check out my super easy low side bun tutorial and try the look yourself.


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