Sleep-in hair rollers review – uncomfortable and impossible to sleep in

October 30, 2014
 So recently I got sucked into buying an old fad at a beauty event – but did it work for me? Find out with my sleep-in hair rollers review.   
Big old hair rollers are something I’ve wanted for a while, as my hair, despite being very thick, is in dire need of some volume.  It tends to sit rather heavy and flat at the crown (this is in no small thanks to the fact I’m long overdue a haircut) and I rarely style it.
I own a curling wand, but barely use it.  This is perhaps because I haven’t quite mastered the art of curling my stubbornly straight hair. Plus, I’m not really a fan of the ringlet curls that a wand tends to give you.  It’s the same with straightening irons, they only really offer you barrel curls, whereas I’d much rather opt for the big loose waves you see on the red carpet.
So my assumption was that big hair rollers offered just that. And when I was presented with the option of sleep-in rollers – yes, rollers you can actually wear to bed – I felt I just couldn’t say no.  And when I was told that it was on special offer for £10, and for that you get large and small rollers, a travel bag and a hair drying hood – like in the hairdressers – well, my purchasing decision wasn’t too difficult.

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