Homemade pizza baps recipe – so bad yet so good

November 20, 2014
Now please don’t judge me on the lack of nutritional value of this dish. In fact I don’t think I can even justifiably call it a dish, it’s more of a quick and dirty snack.
Credit to my husband for recently sharing this recipe, it’s essentially half a burger bun topped with tomato purée and cheese.
But in the interests of detailed reporting, here’s the full deal…

To make four mini pizzas, you need-

2 burger baps, split into two

Tomato purée, thinned out with some warm water so you have a thick sauce

A dollop of cheese

Some diced onion

Optional ingredients
Diced peppers
Fresh tomatoes
Basil to sprinkle
In fact, add anything you’d normally put on your pizza.
So, I’m laughing as I tell you the method, as it couldn’t be easier.
But you simply spread some tomato purée onto each nap, add the onions, tip with cheese and stick under grill until the cheese is melted.
The result is drool-some…
siz pizza baps topped with chicken, mince, cheese and tomato

I really liked the pizza loaded with tomatoes and meatballs and sprinkled with basil. While my hubby preferred the more basic cheese and tomato, as it took him back to his school days, where he first tasted this treat.

Ok so the buns may make Nigella scoff, but they’d have a home on Save with Jamie.
They’re great for kids, and also a brilliant quick and easy meal. If you feel really guilty about it, you can always put some salad on the side.

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