Avista hideaway resort and spa, Phuket, review

June 26, 2015
Our decadent Club Lounge suite at the Avista Hideaway Resort and Spa in Phuket, Thailand
When we booked into Avista Hideaway resort and spa we knew we were getting luxury. However, as with many getaways, just quite what we were getting was a surprise, as the TripAdvisor pictures don’t quite serve justice.
The Avista Hideaway Resort was just that. Tucked away out of sight, out driver took us up a windy road which lead to the resort, hidden away from public view.
The resort itself is nothing short of palatial. With white and silver decor, and open balconies and seating, the Avista Resort is decadent and airy.
A mirrored glass snowflake detail reflects the sun at the Avista Hideaway Resort


The decadence and lightness followed into the room. Our large expansive suite was more like a mini apartment with a microwave, kitchen sink, sofa and large balcony.  There was also a drawer of cutlery, plates and glasses, which was handy for if we brought food in from outside.  This was a real plus as you can sometimes feel a little hostage to the over-inflated resort food when you’re tucked away in a faraway place.
The bedroom with leads to the en suite at the Avista Hideaway
As well as the mod cons of generously stocked complimentary bottled water, a great feature of the room was a control deck at the headboard of the bed. From here you could call housekeeping, dim the lights, regulate the aircon and set the alarm for the morning. This made it so convenient as you barely needed to leave the bed.


A bath full of rose petals


The lengthy room also had a large bathroom with rainforest and standard shower, plus a deep bath. This kind of resort would be great for a honeymooning couple with all it’s nice touches.
The room also came with international movie channels so we could have lazy afternoons watching films.
The pool at the Club Lounge Avista Hideaway has restricted views


The private balcony at the Avista Hideaway features a sofa area


Outside our room was also a restricted private pool which was great for a paddle and meant you had a little privacy from the rest of the guests. The pool was a great way to cool off during the hottest times of the day.
When booking the resort, a real deal clincher for us was the sunset lounge which offered complimentary mocktails (and cocktails) after 5pm. This was for Club a Lounge guests, and while a little more pricey, it was a nice addition.
While the lounge itself turned out to be the library of the resort, that didn’t matter as they had canopy beds and loungers outside so we could enjoy the outdoors while sipping on a virgin mojito.
This was a great pit stop before we headed out in the evening. And it’s fair to say we milked it quite a bit.

Breakfast like a king

A cooked breakfast at a holiday resort buffet


The restaurant at the Avista Hideaway Resort and Spa, Phuket
The breakfast itself deserves it’s own mention. Like the Eastin Hotel, Avista boasts an impressive breakfast offering featuring far eastern treats such as Pad Thai and soup, as well as a traditional full English featuring fried eggs and beans. On occasion there were halal chicken sausages, but it’s worth checking the labels as the meat did vary.
There was an extensive salad selection as well as the usual fruit platters to keep you satisfied.
Just as an added carb-y treat, on some days they had potato wedges and roasties. Did I mention I’m obsessed with buffet breakfasts???

Escaping captivity

The view from the top of Avista Hideaway


The resort itself had so much on offer, including a games room with pool, table tennis and darts, as well as acres of scenery to explore.
However, we decided to escape in the evenings and make the most of the free shuttle bus that took us into Bangla Road, the social hub of Phuket. The bus came fairly regularly and allowed us to eat out in the evening, whilst making the most of the resort during the day.
I have to say, Avista Hideaway was possibly the best resort I’ve stayed at so far. Plus perhaps I’m also getting better at relaxing on holiday.
Unlike when I stayed at Sirayane in Marrakech, and the Berjaya in Langkawi, I wasn’t bored for a moment in Avista Hideaway. Hubby and I developed quite a good routine – get up for breakfast, sleep in afterwards, mooch around the resort, stop for a mocktail, then head into town in the evening.
So the Avista Hideaway was the perfect getaway and a great break from the bustle we encountered either side of this stay.
The resort wasn’t cheap, as it was £150 per night – practically lavish in Thailand. However, I felt it was worth every penny to stay in luxury on one of the most hospitable places on earth.
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