Matte purple eye makeup tutorial for dark skin

Another real-time tutorial from me – I am a sucker for punishment! I show you how to easily pull off quite a tricky makeup look. It’s a matte purple eye makeup tutorial for dark skin.  I’ve created a bit of a challenge for myself with this tutorial because:
a) I’m just using shades from one palette – Sheer Cover Modern Neutrals
b) I’m using the makeup brushes provided with the palette- a MUA no no!
But the whole point of these videos is to show you just how simple makeup and beauty can be.
This chatty real-time tutorial goes through makeup tricks such as using a transition shade, lightening in the inner corner and other techniques to make your eyes pop!  And though I mention it being for Asian/dark skin, the final look can probably work on all skin tones!
This step-by-step tutorial makes it easy for all makeup novices out there!  Don’t forget to subscribe!
P.S. I waffle a LOT, so skip to 2:20s for the tutorial if you’re in a hurry!
Purple eye makeup tutorial for dark skin- done!
Purple and yellow eyeshadow on Asian skin - tutorial

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