Hair hack: how to create old Hollywood hair with cling film!

December 29, 2015
Yes that’s right, I’m doing weird experiments again. Not content with spraying Fry-Light olive oil on my hair, or making my own version of Benefit’s Benetint with food colouring (that’s a great makeup hack BTW), I’ve now graduated to DIY hair styling.
However, this smoothing hair hack, which was suggested to me by my hairdresser, works wonders on smoothing freshly washed and slightly frazzled (read: wild) hair.  By simply wrapping cling film around twisted hair, you’re left with a sleek, old hollywood wavy do which looks just gorgeous when the hair is worn down on the side over one shoulder.


Smooth sleek wavy hair created with cling film!
My look was created after just 15-20 minutes, mainly because the cling film woudn’t stay on (it’s a bit tricky).  Watch my full video tutorial and before and after review to see my thoughts on this rather novel hair hack.



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