My message to the haters and the trolls

December 17, 2015
 The internet is full of trolls, and being a vlogger, getting the odd nasty comment comes with the territory. However, I take exception when someone suggests that I stop doing beauty tutorials as I’m not ‘good enough’.
That’s the whole point, I’m not supposed to be a makeup artist or beauty expert. When starting Desi Girl’s Blog – and this vlog – my aim was simple, to provide fuss free, easy-to-create un-airbrushed makeup looks.
In fact, I wanted to be different to what was already out there – aspirational makeup tutorials which require a layers of makeup, dozens of products and a lot of time.
My makeup tutorials are so simple that I shoot them in real-time, so you see – warts and all – how to create a look for yourself.  The very premise of my looks are this:
· You don’t need more than ten minutes (sometimes five)
· You don’t need more than 5 products
·  You don’t need to be a makeup artist
So there you have it, this is what I offer, and this is what I’m about.  If of course, you want a no-makeup-makeup look that requires 15-20 products and a face full of makeup, then there are plenty of vloggers that provide just that.  Also, if you want to see how you can create a mask, i.e. look totally different with the magic of makeup – again, there are a tonne of tutorials out there showing you the way.
But it does seem that some of you like my simple, stripped back, unfiltered real-time tutorials.  And as long as you’re still liking them, I’ll keep doing them.
After all, haters are gonna hate, and trolls will be trolls.
Peace out x
Simple, easy makeup tutorials

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I’m not a makeup artist, chef, lifestyle guru or stylist. I’m just me. And like you, I’m trying to make the best of most things, only I’m sharing my warts-and-all thoughts along the way.

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