Doll 10 foundation review

February 6, 2017

One of the things many of you may not know is that I’m not the REAL beauty fiend in my family. That title belongs to my older sister, who is constantly telling me about the latest must-have products on QVC and the like. And she even recently introduced me to a brand I have never heard of – Doll 10.

I was the lucky recipient of a hand-me-down foundation, handed down on the basis that the shade – Tan – was too dark for her, and may be better suited to my somewhat more brown hue.

Anyway, I took it and have reviewed it for your benefit.

Doll 10’s Hydrafluid foundation drops promises to give a light yet full coverage, and has a pipette dispenser for ease of application.

So does Doll 10 cut it? And will it convert me back to using liquid foundation (I avoided it for years after that awkward teenage greasy-skin phase). Watch my full video review, where I demo it on my bare skin, to find out.


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