Vuelio blog awards 2017

November 26, 2017

So following on from giving myself permission as a new mum (see my article here), after much persuasion, I popped out for an hour to attend the Vuelio Blog Awards 2017.

I wasn’t nominated, but it was a great evening to mingle with the good and fabulous of the blogosphere.

It was also heartening to see that Vuelio, a media monitoring and database service, is championing bloggers. Quite often blogs are seen as the poor cousin of traditional media by PRs, despite their growing influence (you can see me rant about that here).

HalimaBobs at the Vuelio blog awards 2017

Blogging has come on leaps and bounds since I started out in 2011. Some bedroom bloggers have gone on to become superstars. And while I started mine as a fleeting hobby to satisfy my writing need (I always wanted to be a Guardian columnist but that never quite panned out), I can’t quite believe it’s still going. In fact, HalimaBobs goes from strength to strength. From featuring in Asian Image and Fusion magazine, to having my articles featured in the Huffington Post, I’m proud of how my little platform has grown. Plus the people I have met and the opportunities HalimaBobs has provided has been amazing.

Anyway enough of that. Here’s some pics from the Vuelio Blog Awards 2017, which featured fire-breathers and cirque de Soleil-Esqe acrobatics. And here’s hoping next year HalimaBobs might get a look-in.

img_4337 img_4345


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