My first literature festival for The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage

Exciting news for The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage!

Halima Khatun’s The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage

I spoke at my first literature festival as an author this Friday. It was a virtual affair as the actual event, which was to be held in my hometown in Wales, was cancelled due to Covid-19. Having the event cancelled was disappointing, as reading in my hometown would have been incredibly poignant as it lends a lot of inspiration to the book itself. However, in reality, as I signed up to the event before having baby no.2, I didn’t quite realise the challenge of doing any kind of event with a newborn.

Even doing a virtual event from the convenience of my home office was fraught. I recorded the reading, which wasn’t the smoothest production as it took place in our makeshift office, was interrupted twice by my newborn and I managed to cut off the top of my forehead for the last segment. Thankfully it was well received by viewers and you can see it here. Also, the link goes direct to my FB author page, which you’re welcome to join for some extra snippets.      



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