DIY haircut tutorial – how to cut your own hair video

June 1, 2020

DIY haircut tutorial

No… don’t look at the eye bags and dark circles. That’s not what this is about. Look at the mane. I cut my own (very thick) hair and it’s not a total disaster! Times got harsh so I took the plunge and lopped my own locks. And I recorded it for posterity. So you can see my DIY haircut tutorial for thick hair!

I want to be close and give you details, but I haven’t cut my hair in a long time. Then factor in that I’ve just had a baby (postpartum hair which will inevitably thin out) And I have zero time for any styling or pampering, and you understand my pain. With the lockdown in full force and self isolating still very much a thing, I knew I had to resort to some grooming. I’d already threaded my own eyebrows (you can see the results here), but never in a million years did I think I’d need to cut my own hair. Worse still, a quick google of ‘DIY haircut tutorial for thick hair’ didn’t come up with much. So I used a tried and tested simple technique that seemed to work on regular (non-crazy thick hair).

DIY haircut tutorial for thick hair – would I recommend you cutting your own hair if it’s thick?  My honest thoughts

While I say it’s not a disaster, it’s not salon perfect either. And that’s what I wanted to share. I always aim to be really honest with all my blogging and social media. So rather than just share a glowing heavily doctored tutorial, I wanted to share my warts and all honest view on whether I’d recommend cutting your own hair.

Oh and I look a bit silly as I’ve got my hair in a funky unicorn ponytail. That’s worth a watch if nothing else.

Feeling brave? Do you want to thread your own eyebrows? Check out my video demo here, and threading technique tutorial here.


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