My second baby product recommendations – what I swear by as a second time mum  

second baby products

Being a second time mum means I’ve learnt from a few mistakes. I’m doing things differently, and that goes for the products I’m using now. Some of the baby product recommendations were purchased first time round and getting better use now, while others are new revelations that are helping me manage life as a mum of two under three.

Product must-haves for second baby

Chicco baby hug 4-in-1

Chicco baby hug 4-in-1

So my first product must-have for second baby is the Chicco baby hug 4-in-1. I guess this wasn’t a huge necessity for me as a first-time mum, but the Chicco baby hug 4-in-1 is proving invaluable second time around. Having moved from a flat to a house, I knew would need some sort of napping system downstairs.

Yes, we had my eldest child’s Sleepyhead, which is completely washable and reusable. However, with a very inquisitive and very active toddler around I didn’t want to leave a newborn in just a Sleepyhead.

This is where the Chicco baby hug 4-in-1 is brilliant. It is sturdy as anything. Its solid plastic and metal bars help you lower and raise the bassinet, so it’s as toddler-proof and baby-safe as can be. You can adjust the height to keep small people from throwing things inside. But more importantly, it’s so toddler-proof that Hannah can even hang from the sides of the bassinet without it ever tumbling over. I can’t help but think that a regular Moses basket with stand would’ve spent more time on its side than upright. Our house would be a live re-enactment of rock-a-bye baby.

Plus it’s got some nifty features to boot. It plays music and has a toy bar with a light show. Now baby Ishaaq is three months old, part of my morning routine is popping him in the basket with the music on. He loves trying to grab the toys, but they’re safely out of reach. The music has a mellow mode (great for creating a white noise whilst asleep), and a more groovy upbeat melody. This allows me enough time to make Hannah‘s and my breakfast. And if I’m lucky, sometimes I get to eat said breakfast. The Chicco baby hug 4-in-1 earns its name as it grows with baby. It starts as a basket, before turning into a feeding highchair and then a toddler’s chill out chair. With versatility like that, I think I’ll be using it for a while.

Bonds sleep suits (without feet!)

I totally could’ve done with knowing about Bonds baby grows when I had Hannah. Feisty and independent, she let me know pretty early on that she like to be free. And the extended her feet. She did not like her toes being covered one bit. I often woke in the morning to find here with one leg having escaped through the poppers of her baby grow. Because of this, she graduated into pyjamas at around six months. This slightly broke my heart as I find nothing cuter than a baby in a sleep suit.

As Bonds makes gorgeous, quality baby grows without the feet, I’m hoping baby Ishaaq might be in them for just a little bit longer. In fact, I might check them out to see if they’ve got some sleep suits in Hannah’s size, though 2.5 years might be a stretch.

Ergobaby 360 baby carrier

HalimaBobs with ErgoBaby carrier 360

I actually bought the Ergobaby 360 baby carrier when I had Hannah. I even did a review back then, comparing Ergobaby 360 with baby Bjorn and the Baba sling (you can read it here).

However, I never really got the hang of it. When I put Hannah in the Ergo baby, I’d end up with an achy back after a little while or I’d be totally paranoid that she’s going to slip out. I was never one of those mums that wore a sling to do everything.

Fast forward 2.5 years later and I have precious little choice. Looking after baby Ishaaq, who is very much a little cling-on at the moment, and managing the needs of a toddler (and there’s always a need when I’m busy. It’s usually snack-based) isn’t easy. Gone are the glory days of holding a baby for hours on end while watching TV. Now I’m multitasking like never before. So I’ve had to figure out the Ergobaby. After a few attempts, I’m a lot more confident with it and wear my carrier around the house. Plus hubby uses it when we go on our long walks. Ishaaq sleeps in it like a dream, so we’re finally getting our money‘s worth.

Bebe au Lait Breastfeeding apron

I still remember the first time I had to nurse Hannah in public. I was terribly ill prepared with only her blankets for cover and I was mortified. She was crying with hunger and I had a little cry when I got home, too. So once another mum told me about the invention that is the breastfeeding apron, it was a game changer. Breastfeeding can be quite an isolating business, so to be able to nurse my baby whilst out and about made a huge difference to my overall well being as a new mum. The same mum gave me her Bebe au Lait breastfeeding apron, with a simple request – that I give it to another mum when I’m finished on my nursing journey. Once I’m done nursing my second baby, I’ll be paying it forward.  You can get the Bebe au Lait breastfeeding apron here.

Zoono sanitisers

Zoono baby wipes and Zoono hand sanitiser

I know the C word is getting pretty old. But let’s be honest, this coronavirus is some scary shizz. With a newborn and a toddler to protect as well as recovering from pregnancy myself, I was glad when Zoono reached out to introduce their brand. A more gentle, alcohol free formulation, Zoono hand sanitisers do what the others don’t – they don’t dry out your hands. And in this current state of chapped hands everybody is experiencing, it is quite the thing. They even have gentle baby wipes, which is exactly what you need for a new bottom.

Tile Bluetooth tracker

Hands up who’s lost her phone? Yeah, me too. Motherhood has made me extra scatty and on top of that my phone is constantly on silent. If you know you know. One time I ended up managing to lose my phone under our mattress. I was living in London didn’t have a landline and Hannah was under one year old. So Q a blind panic, a hurry to search for my old Abandoned iPhone 4 and a quick dash to the phone shop to get a giff gaff Sim. I’m not quite sure how we managed without mobile phones in a previous lifetime. But now I can’t bear to lose mine. If you’re scatty like me, the tile Bluetooth tracker is worth a look.

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