Just Me

Halima Khatun in Egypt - HalimaBobsSo what do I know about anything???

That’s the whole point – I don’t. I’m not a makeup artist, chef, lifestyle guru or stylist. I’m just me. And like you, I’m trying to make the best of most things, only I’m sharing my warts-and-all thoughts along the way.

Despite working as a professional wordsmith – I am broadcast journalist turned independent PR consultant (it’s hkcommunications.co.uk if you’re interested) – I don’t often get to write for pleasure.  So I see this as an outlet for my interests and general musings about beauty, lifestyle and a little more.

But here’s one thing to note, I’m totally not into airbrushing. I don’t believe in portraying a filtered, unattainable life, as we all inhabit the real world so there’s not point pretending otherwise. So in the interests of clarity if you’ve stumbled across my little blog, here’s a brief lowdown on what to expect:

What you’ll get in this blog…

Some recipes that are super easy.

Some recipes that are a bit more complicated or sophisticated for when you’re feeling adventurous.

Makeup tutorials that are quick and easy (I’ll often shoot in real time).

Restaurant reviews for all budgets and palates (I eat a LOT).

Some detailed ‘special occasion’ makeup tutorials for when you’re feeling fancy (but they’re still easy).

Some how-to and beauty hacks that even novices like me can master (lipstick concealer, anyone?).

Travel reviews of holidays and hotels that I’m lucky (or unlucky) enough to stay in (NOTE: mostly paid out of my own purse, unless I clearly state otherwise).

Honest reviews. My opinion doesn’t sway because I’ve been sent something for free. Even if that may irke the PR who sent it.

Raves about what I love, and also what didn’t work for me. It’s important you get a balanced picture.

My occasional rants about life in general (warning: I write as I speak, which is like a total stream of consciousness).

Lots of dry humour and self-deprecation.

What you won’t get…

Back to school hair and makeup tutorials – I’ve not been back to school in a looong time. And as a fully grown women (of sorts) this seems kinda wrong. Sorry tweens.

Super sophisticated and complicated makeup tutorials where I no longer look like me.

Makeup should enhance what your mamma gave ya, not mask you.

Short and sweet reviews which don’t give you the full picture. With the exception of gift guides, I will often write at length. Consider yourself forewarned.

Lots of smiling and bubbly YouTube tutorials. It’s just not me. Though I am very nice in real life, I assure you.

The occasional off-topic rambling. Whether it’s when I got conned in London, or when I had a really unpleasant experience at the beauticians, you’ll know about it.

Congratulations if you have read to the end without being put off. You are officially fab and I’d like us to be friends.

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